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The History of Three Influential Designer Handbag Makers

Today, the fashion world is overflowing with luxurious designer handbag brands. Each year there are more and more fresh-faced designers entering the market of handbags and claiming to have the highest quality and highest superiority. While we continue to see this rush of new designers, we do see that there is a small group of aged fashion houses that have remained throughout the years. These are the labels that carry the coveted burden of swaying handbag fashion. The irony of this situation is that these designer houses did not establish with the intention of making handbags, but they now have arguably the largest influence on the designer purse market. So how did these houses come into their position of power? Let's explore.

The first powerful handbag designer is Gucci. It is an Italian brand that has a rich history full of iconic and innovative designs. The company began in 1921 as a leather goods producer. They made several types of leather products, including saddlery. The brand excelled in its original market before expanding into the handbag realm. It was not until over twenty years later that the company witnessed its first huge success with the Bamboo Bag in 1947. Gucci has witnessed its peaks and plummets since the Bamboo Bag was released, but it has remained a major influence since Tom Ford's reign as creative director in the 1990s. Today, Gucci still salutes its origins with many of its designs. For example, the horsebit is an ode to the luxe saddlery that the company was once famous for making. Gucci takes great pride in its heritage and constantly incorporates bits of its history into their handbag designs.

Prada is another influential fashion house that did not start with the intention of entering into the designer handbag market. It began as a luggage maker in 1913 and remained so until the end of the 1970s when Miuccia Prada began creating backpacks and totes made out of nylon. While they were not an instant success, they were still considered a hit. The company continued to expand over the next few years and in 1985 they witnessed their first huge victory with the "classic Prada handbag." It was a showcase of Prada's design standards which consist of sleek lines, sturdy materials, and sheer quality. Since that time, Prada's influence, not to mention revenue, has skyrocketed giving the company a permanent top seat in the fashion world.

Next on the list is Fendi. Established in Italy in 1925, Fendi was a premier fur and leather goods maker. It continued in this profession until the 1960s when Karl Lagerfield took over the artistic direction of the company. He turned Fendi into an overnight sensation and managed to reinvent many ideas of handbags while doing so. He helped to institute the trend of unstructured bags that came in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Then, in 1997, the company introduced its largest success to date with the release of the Baguette. When one of the bite-size bags was featured on a hit television show, its popularity soared with the trendy women of the day. Since the Baguette made its first appearance, Fendi has continued to produce several hit purses, such as the Spy bag and Fendi B.

While many designer labels try to mimic the success of these three fashion houses, none can compare. These three moguls have established themselves as superior and proved that they are not disappearing as the time passes. With such popularity and importance, these bags are highly sought after by fashionistas all over the world. However, these bags are very expensive which makes it difficult for everyone to get their hands on them. The good news is that there are online stores that offer authentic designer handbags at a discount, such as Queen Bee of Beverly Hills. So check them out today and get your hands on a bag from one of the most famous designer houses in the world!