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Pastor Mark Chappell

Pastor Mark Chappell has been a part of the freeway baptist church located in Phoenix, Arizona and has done absolute wonders for the church. With his hard work and dedication to the community pastor mark chappell's involvement has helped the church to bring in record numbers in terms of both converts and baptisms every single month that are far out pacing the normal rate prior to his work at the freeway baptist church as well as the overall national average.

If you are getting married or just had a baby and than Pastor Mark Chappell is always there for you with a helping hand. In fact when there was absolute chaos and the streets of L.A. were rioting with fires everywhere due to the Rodney King court verdict in 1992 there was one Mark Chappell that was there for the community when the youths needed it.

For financial advice especially when it comes to home ownership the church is your sanctuary for helpful advice as operation hope has recognized the pastor for his diligence in credit counseling for inner city residents. It doesn't stop at financial advice though or just about any other issue you can be assured that you can be covered as the Pastor has extensive experience over the years in numerous topics and will gladly help you out with whatever your problems that you have are.

Sometimes when you are getting remarried or divorced, moving, or relocating you may be dealing with a tough environment but you can be assured that there is always somebody there with a helping hand waiting for you.

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