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Is Your Business Going To Fail Without These 4 Little Principles

Could This Be What's Standing In Your Road To Small Business Or Entrepreneurial Success?

Success in business can seem elusive but it's really not. Some time ago I discovered a secret that the very successful use. Like you I had heard it many times but it wasn't told in such a way that I could put it to use or understood the power behind what I am about to share with you.

That was until the day I started looking at something I had wrote down. It was profound. It contained a simple formula of 4 principles. I began to use them and with them my business started to grow. These principles were used by the most successful yet they didn't have one single name but many.

I like to call these The D-Square Principle. Simply because that is what it is. A Dream. A Desire. The Discipline, and the Determination. Lot's of motivational speakers and coaches have talked about these but how many have given you the secret of an implementation blueprint to put these 4 principles into action? You're in luck this post is a summary from the first chapter of one of my books.

Let's look at one of my clients, Marilyn who had a small tea shop. She sold many different things but specialty tea and spices were her bread and butter. She put in 10 hour days seven days a week for no reason other than missing the D's. She didn't believe she could do more in less time.

She had a dream of opening a chain of stores across the city and perhaps the country. But she was always managing her current store and couldn't even find time to enjoy her wealth and family. We had worked hard on building a ravenous clientele that made the one location grow but Marilyn was exhausted and her dream seemed to hard.

We applied the D blueprint.

First we mapped out the dream. What it would look like in five years. How many stores she would have. How many employees and an assistant district manager to help her over see everything. The locations, types of products, marketing and even her vacations to places where she sampled and bought her unusual teas and spices..

Then she started to see her desire or passion begin to bloom again like when she first opened her store five years before. Her step was light once again almost like the skip of a child excited to be going someplace. She smiled more often. Customers commented on the contagious laughter around the store. Stress and fatigue seemed to leave Marilyn melting away like the last snow in spring and she realized her mood had affect not only her but all those around her.

No one can give you desire it has to come from within you. Be ignited by your dreams and something I call the "Catch Fire" method applied in good measure to fuel it and keep that glow in your heart and mind so you thrive as a entrepreneur and a human being.

Often it's just been beaten down by all the stress and labor of a job instead of being fed by our entrepreneurial spirit.

There are ways to help you "Catch Fire" in your desires again but those exercises are beyond this article today. Next is determination.

Tomorrow we will discover how Marilyn re-captured 23% of her lost business. And reveal the most often forgotten rung in the ladder of success.