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Green Scarves

Scarves are an accessory that not many women possess. They are actually a very versatile piece of fabric that can complement and even complete a look. They look absolutely wonderful teamed with blouses, shirts, dresses and t-shirts. French women are especially clever with their use of the scarf and they can be seen in various sizes, designs and materials. From the long, thin scarves to the huge square ones, they can be used in different ways. Long gone are the days when scarves were worn simply as scarves.

A solid color such as green can add a difference to the way you wear your scarves. Most scarves are found with designs but solid colors can be found as well. A silk scarf in green can add an impact to your outfits that you may not have expected.

Wear a thin green scarf tied knotted around your neck under a crisp white shirt. Pair it with jeans and you've got instant chic. You can even wear it as a head-band as an accessory or to keep the hair from your face on a windy day. Once again, instant chic! Pick a bright green or even a lime green color. You might think these are bold colors but considering that most scarves are not very big, it would be an ideal color. Bold colors look really great when they are not very big in size. However, big scarves in the right shade can look absolutely stunning.

You could fold a big square scarf into a diagonal and tie two of the ends under your arms at the back. Make sure the knot is securely tied at the back and ensure that the pointed end of the triangle is long enough to cover your stomach region so that you can tuck it in. Wear it with a tan or cream suit and you've got an office outfit that is an instant winner.

For casual wear, roll up your scarf and use it as a belt for your shirt dress or your pair of jeans. The green will add the pop of color that will give your outfit the impact it needs. You can even twist two shades of green scarves together to make it into a rope and tie them together at the ends.

Put it around your neck and you've got a fun necklace to wear with your t-shirt. If your scarf is big enough, you can turn it into a hold-all. There are instructions on the internet to do this and it is a very simple matter of folding it and securing it at the right places. Carry this over your shoulder with your tan Capri's and white t-shirt along with your green sandals and you will definitely turn heads with your creativity.

Colors such as green, especially bold, bright greens and lime green work well as they give the crucial 'pop' of color. You don't have to always match all your outfits to the same color shade to dress appropriately. Very often, the much needed contrast makes it not only appropriate but beautiful as well. Experiment with your green scarf and surprise yourself with your creativity.