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Eco-Friendly Solar Watch?

There are many eco-friendly solar watches on the market now, but I have found out that they are all very expensive ones like Citizen, Casio, and others of the sort. Well, I was able to find a solar watch that gave me an affordable price tag. It is the Bijoux Terner. It is one of those watches that trying to just purchase one, is near impossible to do, and the only way to get one is to go through an actual retailer who sells them individually. Otherwise, you have to go to the home site and order a pallet worth.

I will inform you of where you can find this solar watch, as well as how it works and the features. I will also tell you my personal experience of owning one. Lets begin with how it works: The eco-friendly solar watch has a Japanese Lithium Battery and when the watch is in front of indoor light or neon light, the solar energy battery starts to function on its own. They say a 40 Watt light bulb is the minimum to make the battery charge by solar light. Also they recommend that you have the watch about 2 meters from the light. Obviously when the light source is stronger, the watch will charge at further distances.

It states in the instruction booklet that 40% of energy is saved, so the life-span of the watch is increased to about 8 years. I wondered how a solar watch can last forever, but here it is. Let's be as realistic as possible, because everyone is different and everyone has different lifestyles. Let's say that you are a athletic person who does sports, exercises, swims, basically an overall active guy. Would you spend hundreds of dollars on a watch and take the risk that during all those events you could break your watch, which set you back 300, maybe even 600 dollars? Of course not, you would rather spend 20-100 dollars on a watch that told the time, date, and maybe a stopwatch and alarm? Of course!

So if the watch did break for some odd reason, like you forgot to take it off while you wearing it, getting your truck out of the mud, because you were four wheeling your suv. Then this would be a perfect watch, because you are an outdoor guy, you aren't worried about how expensive the watch is. You are happy that it tells the time and the power if not going out anytime soon!

So this Bijoux Terner is a perfect watch for people who are active, outdoors type of people, especially campers, hikers, swimmers, and people who love solar power. Here are some awesome features that are included: Dual Power like solar and battery. Multicolor Light up Display, 12 and 24 Hours selectable. A chronograph that counts to 24 hours, a 5 minute snooze, alarm, and hourly chime. This is a fully loaded solar watch that is affordable.

Here is my experience of this solar watch. I got this watch about 1 year ago. I went snorkeling with it and wore it everyday. I love it. The thing I really like about it is, the multicolor light display, I know that it is kinda funny. But if you know watches you know that it is one color and that is all you get. This has about 4 different colors, green, blue, orange, and red. I also like that is has a rubber grip, it is softer on the skin. Instead of the metal sliver heavy types. And finally I like that it has the hourly chime.

If you like solar and you like watches, I know that you would love this watch. I love solar and since I was young I have had a fancy for watches.