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Can You Develop Self-Belief? 3 Ideas That Will Help

Psychiatrists and psychologists are sometimes asked by people; "Can you develop self-belief?" They ask it in a doubtful tone, as though they were born with low self-belief. This condition isn't set in stone, any more than is negativity or lack of confidence or low self-esteem. These are all learnt conditions and lack of self-belief is no exception.

Here are 3 ideas that will help, provided you follow them and practice them assiduously.

1. Characteristics You'd Like To Have.

Write out a list. Yes, lists again! Got to love 'em! A list of assets, if you like, that you feel at the moment you don't have. Here are some examples.

- Strength.

- Quick Wits.

- Calm.

- Dignity.

- Intelligence.

- Humour.

- Charisma.

- Sex Appeal.

- Courage.

- Popularity.

- Determination.

Obviously, there are lots more, and you must find the ones that apply to you directly. Read through this list properly twice a day. Perhaps once before you go out in the morning and again at bedtime. Every time you read the list, you're hammering these qualities into your unconscious mind a little more every time.

2. Hey, Coach!

Doubts are inevitable even for the most confident and capable people. But when they do rear their ugly heads, imagine yourself as the clear-headed coach talking to the anxious player. Imagine what you'd say to someone you really believed in if they started to show doubt about something.

See in your mind the confident, clear-headed coach, (you), talking to this person. What would you say? Supposing you wanted to apply for a job you really wanted, but were afraid of approaching the boss. What advice would you give yourself?

"Look, it's only natural to be nervous, but remember this man started out like you once. He'll appreciate a confident, straight-forward approach and you're quite capable of that."

Obviously, it depends entirely on the situation, but bring the clear-headed part of you to bear on the anxious part.

3. Oh, My Hero!

This is a very powerful method. Close your eyes and think of a situation that frightens you, or makes you feel anxious. Then think of someone you really admire. It could be a world leader, a film or TV star or the character they play, even Isabel down the street. Then think how they'd handle this particular situation.

Would they be frightened, scared and anxious? No chance! They'd handle it like the hero you think them to be. Then slowly morph yourself into their image. Now you're dealing with whatever it is with just as much courage, (if that's what it takes), capability and aplomb as your hero.

An added advantage is that by working all these three methods together, every day, you're tripling the speed and strength of the recovery of your self-belief.

Go for it!