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Can One Fall Head Over Heels in Love With a Stranger?

I love to log on online after a tired day at work and with my Persian cat seated on my lap spend a few hours surfing the internet. That is how I met this wonderful stranger. I received a hello on my IM and reciprocated. We got chatting and it was just one of the days when things weren't going well for me. I had had a terrible day at work and wanted a willing ear who would listen to me.

That is what he did and we got chatting some more. One thing led to another and this became the one great bright spark in my day. No matter how my day would go, I knew for sure that at the end of it I had someone to chat to and discuss things. I never knew that I could open up to someone so easily. Possibly it was the feeling of being online wherein the person didn't know you and couldn't see you. We discussed everything under the sun right from love, home, family, jobs and the usual travails and troubles that people face in their daily lives. He always had the most calming of solutions, well thought out and logically and rationally presented.

Then, one day he asked if he could call me and we could speak. I said yes, as I didn't see anything wrong with that. Nonetheless, there were butterflies in my stomach. I wondered how he would sound. When the phone rang I almost jumped out of my skin. The call lasted for a long time and he sounded really good. Educated and cultured with a deep voice. From then on it was the right mix of phone calls and messages and chats too. My life seemed to be overtaken by this stranger. I wondered how would this end or go on when he asked if he could come and visit me. I wanted to say yes and no at the same time. But, I said yes and that is how we fixed a date next weekend.

I went shopping at the most furious pace. I bought a new pair of jeans that fitted just right and a lovely top. Along with that I looked for the perfect Christian Louboutin replica shoes. I found just the right one at an online store, the perfectly priced Christian Louboutin fake shoes.

The day arrived that I had waited for. I went to the airport to pick him up and when he walked down the plane my intuition just told me that it was him. I am not sure how things will be for us from now on, but I am certainly glad that I had a chance to meet this stranger.