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Barbour International: Not Just International But a Global Brand

Event-specific dresses are found in huge varieties in garment stores. There are cocktail dresses for cocktail parties, formal wears for formal parties and sports wears for sports and outdoor activities. But have you ever heard of a dress or a brand which symbolizes motorcycling? If you don't then you surely are not a part of this world.

Established by John Barbour, the company emerged in the garment industry in 1870 and started manufacturing and trading of traveling drapers. In 1894 John started his new business with the name J Barbour and started manufacturing boiler suits, painter jackets and outer wears. J Barbour was later renamed as Barbour's and for over three decades the company remained as a pioneer in manufacturing dresses for shipping and marine industry workers. It became the soul brand for sailor coats and uniforms for shipyard and dock workers. John's sons Jack and Malcolm took over the charge of Barbour's or Barbour International in the early 20th century and it was in 1930 that Malcolm's son Duncan introduced Barbour jackets. Duncan Barbour, a motorcyclist by hobby, perhaps had thought about special looks of motorcyclists and his thought created history. For four long decades, Barbour International's jackets remained associated with the British International Team. Today, the name Barbour International is uttered simultaneously with Harley Davidson, the model which still makes people crazy.

However, It didn't keep itself confined within manufacturing of motorcycle jackets and dresses for mariners. Today Barbour International is a complete apparel brand and is making its presence felt in US and across Europe. Barbour International is a popular name even in Japan. Today Barbour International has got 40 retail stores in US, other than the original 11 in UK and its products are largely available in European countries like France, Italy, Spain, Austria, New Zealand and Germany. Apart from jackets, Barbour International is now a leading global brand for shirts, trousers, coats, mid-layers, underwear, knit-wear and socks.

Apart from designs, Barbour International has been winning billions of hearts across the world for the quality of material it offers in its garments.

Barbour International's motorcycle jackets are an icon but other than these, the company is known for its four special collections- the Heritage Collection, the Classic Collection, the Contemporary Collection and the Sports Collection.

The Heritage Collection: the Heritage Collection of Barbour International is perhaps the most unique among all because the dresses offer amazing blends of today's styles and the traditions of the bygone era. You get today's 'cool' designs but when you wear the dresses you get a traditional look.

The Classic Collection: Barbour International's Classic Collection offer outfits of classic designs. It includes yester-years' popular items like waxed Bedale and the quilted Liddesdale jacket. The looks are old but superior quality modern fabrics make the dresses light-weight. The collection also includes a variety of water-proof dresses.

The Contemporary Collection offers a plethora of functional outfits for Autumn and winter. Besides, there are varieties of knitwears, shirts and scarves. The Sports Collection offers varieties of dresses that are best suited for all kinds of outdoor activities.

One should select the cut of the jacket according to their structure. A person with an hour glass figure would obviously go in for a differently cut jacket when compared to a person whose body is in the shape of a pear.